The Greening of Killarney

To say that Killarney goes green for the St Patrick’s Festival is quite an understatement. From March 9 to March 22, buildings throughout the whole town and its surrounds join in the fun by illuminating their properties in a very fetching shade of green.

Landmark buildings, including St Mary’s Cathedral, the Franciscan Friary, St Mary’s Church of Ireland, Methodist Church, Ross Castle and Killarney Courthouse all join in the fun as well as hotels, shops, restaurants, pubs and numerous other local buildings.

A public vote on Facebook is taken to establish Killarney’s Best Greened Building each year.

Shops windows will be decorated in green, locals and visitors will be clad in varying shades of the colour, from emerald to lime and zany hats and colourful costumes will be the order of the day.

The St Patrick’s Day celebrations date back generations in Killarney and the adults of today, who participated in the parade as children, now watch on proudly as their children or grandchildren follow in their footsteps – quite literally.

It’s a day when everybody has a smile on their face, when everybody is your friend and when a hearty Céad Míle Fáilte – one hundred thousand welcomes – awaits all.

Killarney is one of the most popular visitor destinations in the country and, in addition to the sheer natural beauty that surrounds the town in the park, it’s the unique way the town celebrates its culture and its history, the quality that’s available and the friendliness of the people that makes it so special.

St. Patrick’s Festival Killarney

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