Days to parade


St Patrick’s Festival Killarney, March 16th – 18th, 2024

Following on from the extremely successful Christmas In Killarney parades  last December, we are very much looking forward to welcoming everyone to the streets of Killarney for our St. Patrick’s Festival, March 16th to 18th, 2024.


Celebrating  Killarney, a timeless world of natural beauty, and all that it has to offer year round, our theme for this year’s St. Patrick’s Day parade on March 17th  is ‘Echoes of Killarney Past’ 

Draw on all the opportunities the theme presents, showcase Killarney’s History and how we came to be the bustling tourist town that we are nowadays, the folklore, the tales, Killarneys characters in years gone by, the local peoples take on the past. 

 Dazzle us with your imagination and interpretation of the theme, help us to make St. Patrick’s Day 2024 the biggest celebration Killarney can put on show.
Make It Visual, make it Noisy, create a performance, but most of all have fun, lots of fun.


Celebrating the Earth

This year we are celebrating The Earth / An Chré as the theme for our St Patricks Day Parade. The planet we live on, the ground that sustains us, the world we live in and share with 7.8 billion other inhabitants. In a year when we learn that our planet is under threat from global warming, conflict and neglect, we need to consider our responsibilities to not only the place where we live but to the others, we share the Earth with. 

This is a Green Theme and whilst a very serious issue, we want you to interpret the theme in as open and fun way as you wish. Draw on all the opportunities the theme presents, on how we can improve our Earth, through Recycling, Green Energy, Electric Cars, and through adopting the practices and principles of sustainability.

Our Partners & Sponsors

We gratefully acknowledge the generous contribution of our St. Patrick’s Festival Partners, Patrons and Funders. Their investment enables us to present this programme.

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